Commercial and Residential


Commercial Galvanized Chain Link is the standard choice to secure your property and restrict access although vinyl fence is available for commercial as well. Commercial Chain Link fabric is typically a standard 9 Gauge GBW wire mesh. Optional specifications that are available: Light, Medium and Heavy

Depending on your application and zoning bylaws commercial Chain Link fences have the optional barb wire or razor ribbon overhangs available and a wide variety of gates available to meet every need.

Chain link fence systems provide security and preserve the views for almost any property while offering many years of maintenance free long lasting protection.


Chain Link Fence is a very affordable and economical approach to providing residential safety and security. It is known for being aesthetically pleasing, maintenance free with superior strength and durability. With galvanized framework and all posts set in concrete footings they are assured not to rust or rot.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link: Vinyl coated chain link comes in many sizes with 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ being the standard heights for residential packages and is available in green, white, brown and black. Matching coloured powder coated fence framework is also available to compliment your choice of vinyl mesh and is the growing trend today. It adds beauty, style and character to your property while providing economical security.

Typical residential fence heights are 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ high.   Wire is available in 2 weight classes:  9 guage ( heavier) and 11 guage (lighter).

Residential Fence Specs:

Economy Package:

    • Wire: 11 gauge
    • Top Rail: 1 3/8″ x .083
    • Line Posts:  1 5/8″ x .083
    • Terminal Posts:  1 7/8″ x .083
    • Single Swing Gate Posts:  2 3/8″ x .083
    • Double Swing Gate Posts:  2 3/8″ or 2 7/8″ x .083
    • Deluxe Package:

        • Wire:  9 gauge
        • Top Rail:  1 5/8″ x .090
        • Line Posts:  1 7/8″ x .090
        • Terminal Posts:  2 3/8 x .090
        • Single Swing Gate Posts:  2 3/8″ x .090
        • Double Swing Gate Posts:  2 3/8″, 2 7/8″ x .090

      Note: Gate posts wall thickness for either package will depend on actual gate openings.

      Wire Selection: Wire is available in either galvanized or vinyl coated. The Vinyl coated mesh is made from polyvinyl compounds that allow it to be durable and maintenance free.