Dog runs/ dog kennels

Each section of our Panelized Dog Kennels are manufactured with 100% Galvanized Steel Pipe and all welds are painted with zinc rich rust inhibitors. The Modular panel design makes easy work for handling, moving and assembling this modular kennel safely and easily.  The 9 gauge Chain Link wire is attached with all-galvanized steel fittings and 9 gauge aluminum tie wires. It also has a 36” wide integrated gate which allows for ease of entry, comfort and security of your pet wherever you may go.

We also construct custom Dog Runs and Kennels and the options are endless as to what we can do for your pets.


  • 9 Gauge Galvanized Chain Link Wire
  • Galvanized Steel fittings and Aluminum tie wires.
  • 1” extended legs make kennel cleaning a breeze.
  • Assembly with modular panels and gates is quick and easy
  • Lockable steel door latch which is virtually pet proof.
  • Superior door hinge design stays firmly in place, even after years of use.
  • Modular design is adaptable to any size.
  • Puppy holes can be installed to incorporate your pets’ dog house on the outside of the kennel giving them more room to exercise inside the kennel.


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